Until recently, professional video production was only available to those with big budgets. Cameras and lighting gear were expensive and cumbersome. And post-production facilities resembled the bridge of a starship with blinking lights and people running everywhere doing who-knows-what.

Times have changed. Gear and editing equipment are much more compact and affordable. Many computers even ship with built-in video editing software. As we’ve all seen on Youtube, anyone can make a video–just usually not very well.

Clients needs, though, have not changed. You still want someone with experience, talent, and skill—who will also tell your story effectively and within budget. At Ridgeway Creative LLC, we specialize in professional production of video for use on the web, in television advertising, and in presentations of all types.

But beyond production techniques, we get to know our clients so that we can deliver excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in telling your story effectively and making the video production process easy and within budget. We work quickly, accurately and creatively to deliver your message in a way that suites your business. Every project becomes a personal cause–because we know it means that much to our clients. Take a look at some our work. Give us a call and let’s get Creative.

Ridgeway Creative LLC.